Are you trying to maintain an office, school, hospital, or any other place, cleaning and disinfectant should be considered an important part towards your maintenance routine. Keeping our facility clean can help us reduce the spread of diseases and improve our facility’s overall appearance. The best way to reduce the spread of germs on hard surface in our facility is through cleaning + disinfecting. The main purpose of disinfection is to kill germs on a surface like in current situation of covid-19 pandemic, you really need to disinfect after cleaning to be safe from germs/viruses. But why don’t you safe  yourself all the stress and let SG Disinfection Services experts handle it for you.

We are a creative, responsible, innovative singapore disinfection company. We fulfill the requirements of our value customers who are worried about their health. SG Disinfection Services is driving the route in sanitization and disinfection, guaranteeing a more secure future for everybody in Singapore. Everyone deserve a 100% virus free space.


We are a licensed cleaning company, specialising in Infection Control in Singapore . Our professional team have delivering top-notch disinfection solution in areas such as hygiene, pest control, sanitisation, cleaning sectors.

With more than 30 professional workers, we expects to maintain our vision to turn into the leading singapore disinfection expert in preventive bug control, grasping new innovation and giving our clients significant serenity in their every day lives.


Our professional disinfection team can give you a virus free environment. Treat any room in your office with a framework demonstrated to execute sickness causing pathogens, including the most hard to kill, C. diff spores.

The system we use combine two licensed hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectants as a single cost effective disinfection system. Unlike spray and wipe, the system provides hands-free, whole surface disinfection at a 6-log execute rate that is more effective in disinfecting your room and office.

This hands-loose solution is designed to supply infection-rate reducing results at a lower fee compare to other surface disinfection methods.


  1. Room fogging is proven to be the most thorough and cost effective method for treating all the exposed surfaces within a room while reducing the labor and skilled required to perform an effective treatment, and it is safe for use with sensitive electronic equipment.
  2. The System ventures into alcoves, cleft and corners that sterilizing splashes and wipes can’t, reaching each uncovered surface in a room, not simply the essential or “high-contact” surfaces, and lessening the danger of cross-pollution related with utilizing a cloth, wipe or rag.
  3. The Halo healthcare-grade hydrogen peroxide-based disinfectants are unscented and bleach free.
  4. Proven to reduce infection rates
  5. Goes where sprays & wipes can’t
  6. Affordable and easy-to-use

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    Disinfection Home

    Disinfection is primarily carried out  to kill or reduce all forms of microbes, bacteria germs in other to prevent an outbreak of diseases and illnesses.And also Disinfecting kills bacteria/virus/germs on object or surfaces, to ensure you have a 100% clean place.  And as well as sanitize the area where we work and live.Cleaning can describe as the physical ways of removing dirt, germs and other impurities from surface. Cleaning and disinfecting are two techniques that should be done together to remove and eliminate germs. Cleaning is the first step that should carried out. Always clean before you disinfect, why because by doing so can help clean remove all visible soils before disinfecting. Cleaning  remove any loose soils and helps preparing the object or surface to be disinfected.

    High-touch points like doorknobs, handrails should always be disinfected. That varies depending on the type of surface and facility. But what if your apartment is large or you don’t even the appropriate procedure to take? Singapore disinfection and cleaning services can help you determine the appropriate procedure depending on the facility.

    Well, cleaning agent when combined with proper cleaning techniques may help removes almost all soils and germs from the surface. But did you know the actual techniques? And if you do so, you might find yourself back to square one. Cleaning removes apparently all almost the germs, meanwhile actually haven’t kill anything. And Germs that were not taken off can easily regrouping and continue to reproducing taking you back to square one.


    • I stuggled for a long time with our past disinfection service. Never on time, leaving supplies out, and I was stuck with them for a year because of the contract we had to sign. I am so glad that that is all over with! SG Disinfection Services does a great job! The suppervisor stops in on random check to make sure every thing is going ok. They are on time, they disinfection well and are very nice. The best part is we are not stuck in a year contract. They give you a choice of what you want, they don't decide for you.
    • The disinfection process was done in a timely manner and the company had nice availability. Thank you for all the help and communication!


    May 28, 2021

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