How To Avoid A Pathogenic Home Invasion

Looking for home disinfection service in Singapore? As they say, home is where the heart is. Sad to say, so are harmful bacteria and viruses. Sweeping and wiping down surfaces take care of dust, dirt, and grime that accumulate naturally around the house. But the danger lies in the microscopic pathogens that hang around your living space.

Germs, as tiny as they are, can cause serious health concerns. What makes them largely terrifying is that they can thrive on every surface, making home disinfection an essential component of tending to your home.

Germ Magnet

Germs in your home
Germs in your home

A clean looking household item doesn’t necessarily mean it is clean. Here are a few things lying around your home that pack more harm than good.


Disinfecting door knobs
Disinfecting door knobs

The welcome mat by the door may be teeming with germs, but don’t you think that doorknob is also a breeding ground for microbes? Doorknobs are regarded as one of the dirtiest things in the home since people use and touch them multiple times a day.

Cleaning them with soap and water regularly is ideal, but be sure to dry properly as bacteria flourish on damp surfaces.

TV Remote Control

Disinfecting remote control
Disinfecting remote control

People spend an average of 5 hours a day watching TV, half the time flipping channels. It may seem to be an innocent accessory, but the variety of residue from the snacks consumed while watching is passed on to it.

Wipe thoroughly as often as possible using an alcohol-based solution, but not before removing the batteries to avoid corrosion.


Disinfecting pillow
Disinfecting pillow

You may be changing your pillowcases regularly as they catch dust, saliva, sweat, and oil, but what about the actual pillow? Aside from dirt, germs can set up camp literally right under your nose. This creates harmful bacteria, mold, and fungi which can be potential health hazards.

Washing with warm water and detergent deters such growth, making sleep healthier than ever.

Why Should I Disinfect?

By now, we are aware of the benefits of washing your hands frequently in preventing microbes from spreading. Cleaning surfaces in your home regularly removes dirt and food particles where germs grow. This hampers the proliferation of common illnesses such as cough, colds, and the common flu.

Washing your hands often
Washing your hands often

Here’s a lowdown on these hurtful micro-organisms:

  • A peck on the cheek or a high-five may be signs of affection, but they serve as avenues for ailments too. Germs can jump from one person to another through contact.
  • Our eyes, nose, and mouth are only a few avenues that these anti-bodies use to enter our bodies, infecting you without any notice.
  • Most foodborne ailments are caused by bacteria.
  • Viruses on both wet and dry surfaces can hitch a ride on your hands. They are also capable of surviving extremely cold temperatures.
  • Billions of dollars are spent each year on doctor’s visits and to treat common sicknesses.

If this list doesn’t scare you, then maybe the thought of 4 billion living micro-organisms on a regular kitchen dishtowel will.

Home Disinfection Service Advantages

Cleaning and disinfecting your home not only makes it more appealing but is also critical in keeping your family and guests healthy. Making deep-cleaning a part of your routine is important in maintaining the cleanliness and health of the people that dwell in your address.

Home disinfection in progress
Home disinfection in progress

Here are a few notable reasons why you should consider the help of a reliable home disinfection service.

Inhale And Exhale Better

Mold and mildew are only a few of the pathogens that can be found in our home which can affect the respiratory system. Getting rid of them alleviates the risk of irritation that may cause asthma and several respiratory issues.

Allay Allergies

Curtains, furniture, carpets, and pets can ignite allergic flare-ups. You can get rid of dust mites by simply burning them, but there is no easy way to simply get rid of your pet. A home disinfection service is the best solution to reduce the causes and symptoms of allergies.

Improved Odor From Door To Door

Home disinfection service providers are equipped with chemicals that make your house look and feel clean. Moreover, they adjust your living space scent from the smell of rotten eggs to freshly brewed coffee in the morning.

Healthy House, Healthy Pocket

A trip to the clinic can be both unnecessary and uneconomical, thus the importance of a clean and properly disinfected home. As the cliché of “prevention is better than cure” goes, getting rid of toxic germs saves you more money in the long-run.

Eliminating germs can be quite simple. But their resilience makes it frustrating to deal with them, especially since they can be quite harmful to your health. A trustworthy home disinfection service completely removes the stress of a contaminated house. They will provide you with the expertise, ensuring you and your family that there is no place as warm and safe as home.

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