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Disinfection and cleaning services in Singapore are always carried out by well experienced and trained personnel, that will make sure every potentially harmful and hazardous situations which can be dangerous to your health are been take care off on time in a safe, secure and legally well manner. Their on-site staff always take their time to deep clean and disinfect every equipment, clothing, surface areas including where the hard to reach by areas so as to ensure everywhere accessible and guaranteed safety everyone that works or lives within the premises.

Many company and other commercial properties recruit disinfection services in Singapore. You need to hire an expert disinfecting company that can handle the problem for you so you won’t jeopardize the health as well as well-being of all people around you. If you notice that your premises whether the house or at your work place is compromised, you need to find a solution immediately so as not exposed your family or employee’s health to illness or danger.

During this global pandemic(covid-19)that is currently haunting the world right now, many homeowners that want to protect their family from this pandemic can add an extra layer of safety for their family by hiring a disinfection service provider to get rid of all bacteria and viruses that are present around and within the household. Medical facilities are other type of facility that should disinfect their all equipment, operating rooms and high traffic areas so as to ensure the safety of the patients and the staff.

Our disinfection services included:


The Sentinal Fogger is a stunning new conveyance innovation intended to enhance contamination anticipation measures, similar to manual cleaning, with one of a kind and amazing room surface sanitization. At the press of a catch, the Fogger administers a dry fog of atomized Sanosil into the air. The beads occupy the room and are brought into each alcove, hole and corner, arriving at surfaces that customary cleaning and sanitizing can’t. The Fogger guarantees a homogenous appropriation of disinfectant on all surfaces in the room, lessening the danger of cross-pollution of irresistible infections related with utilizing a cloth, wipe or wipe. The Fogger actuation innovation is encouraged by the concoction association of a 5% hydrogen peroxide and .01% AgNo3+(silvercations) equation. The blend of the decidedly charged particles and the silver produce the 99.99% slaughter rate. The hazed disinfectant breaks down into water and oxygen. The undetectable layer of silver disseminates gradually predicated on the kind of movement the room appreciates. The hazing procedure is ok for use around electronic hardware, surfaces and substrates.


Several investigations show that significantly after careful cleaning with a disinfectant, elevated levels of leftover microscopic organisms can in any case be found in a room. That’s why we need disinfection services

  • Most disinfectants have to be left on surfaces for at least 10 minutes to kill germs (read label). People tend to wipe a surface straight after spraying it. Therefore, the disinfectant is not in contact with the surface long enough to effectively disinfect.
  • Anti-bacterial wipes also remove disinfectants from surfaces too quickly to disinfect.
  • Sponges have been recognized as one of the most debased things, harboring a large number of microorganisms and infections.
  • Anti-bacterial wipes, sponges and rags are all too large to reach into cracks and crevices.
  • When using a rag or sponge, there is no way to be sure how much disinfectant is reaching the surface.
  • Spraying and wiping is labour intensive and time consuming.

Benefits of our disinfection service:

  • Service are done with professional and well experienced staff.
  • It dries quickly and treated areas can be accessible within few minutes after service completion
  • Disinfects of large areas can be done within a short amount of tim
  • No eliminates odors or harsh fumes after completion.
  • One-time treatment & recurring treatments can be done based on your budget.
  • A certificate of disinfection service will be given after completion to let people know that are taking precautions.
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