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May 13, 2020

What is sanitization cleaning?

Cleaning VS Sanitization? Most people don’t understand what is sanitization. Cleaning can be described as a process of to remove dirt, dust and stains by washing, wiping, or brushing while Sanitization is the process usually performed to minimize or remove bacteria and fungi that makes it sanitary. Cleaning Services Cleaning is a service that all industries should carried out on a regular basis. We all know getting ride of dirt, stains or dust are easy by using detergent or chemicals. And Cleaning can make a room in our home  or the kitchen in that restaurant looks clean and with a […]
March 13, 2020

How hydrogen & Silver works for sanosil?

The disinfection, particularly of water but also of all kinds of articles, equipment and surfaces, in the public and industrial sector is a major problem worldwide.  This is not simply limited to third and second world countries, but to developing and first world countries as well.In this highly competitive market, intensive research has been in progress for decades.  New scientific knowledge is constantly being gained, while new products are being developed to help human beings fight their smallest, and yet most dangerous enemies.In order to manufacture an ecological product, Sanosil’s research team found that extensive tests should be conducted between […]
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