Looking for office disinfection service? In the event of the outbreak of Coronavirus many countries have tried to break the chain of spreading this virus by imposing a strict lockdown as well as ensuring social distancing and maintaining hygienic conditions by disinfecting hands.

Hiring an OFFICE DISINFECTION SERVICE becomes necessary for you if you have business or service that must function as an essential service in these circumstances. You will have to disinfect not only your entire premises but also the people visiting you along with your employees.

The disinfection of your office premises is also necessary even if it has been shut down during the period of lockdown. It will ensure the safety of your employees when they will return to their job after the lockdown if over.



Disinfection in progress
Disinfection in progress

You may need to hire an office disinfection service to disinfect your premises to reduce the risk of spreading of COVID-19 in your office. Covid-19 or Coronavirus is a very infectious health condition that spread rapidly from China by the end of the year 2019 to almost the entire world in less than three months. Disinfection is the only way to maintain hygienic conditions in a premise to prevent the spreading of COVID-19 unless any proper treatment or vaccine for this problem is developed.


The office disinfection service you hire will not only clean all the surfaces that are frequently touched in your office premises but also disinfect them. The infection of Coronavirus can spread at a higher speed after lifting off the lockdown as people will meet each other after a long time. In this situation, one has to practice hygienic measures strictly and vigilantly not only to save him but also others coming in his contact.

An office disinfection service can help people in maintaining hygienic conditions like:


Wash your hands frequently
Wash your hands frequently

DISINFECT THE MAIN TOUCHPOINTS: The main problem at the time of COVID-19 is the use of hands with poor hygiene. People use their hands while sneezing and coughing and then touch their nose and mouth as well as several other things around them without disinfecting them. The virus present on their hands gets transferred to the surfaces touched by them which can infect other people touching the same surfaces.

In this way, you can find several touchpoints in your office, hospitals, retail outlets, public transport, and social care facilities. These touchpoints can be baskets and trolleys in supermarkets, door handles, petrol pumps, cash points, surfaces in the dining room and kitchen, rubbish bins, buttons or handles in the toilet, taps, and kettles, vehicles, recycling areas as well as handrails and grab rails on stairs, etc.



REDUCE THE RISK OF CONTAMINATION: The infection of Coronavirus can also spread through the feces of the patients as it has been proved that this virus can appear in feces even after 11 days of disappearance from the tract of the respiratory system.

Microorganisms can also spread around the washroom through the droplets created by flushing the toilet. They can contaminate several surfaces in the washroom including floor, toilet seat, unprotected tissues, walls, door handles, cubicles, soap dispensers, and taps, etc. All these surfaces and touchpoints will be disinfected regularly by the office disinfection service to protect the people visiting that office from the infection of Coronavirus.




CLEANING AND DISINFECTION: The specialists of the office disinfection service you hire will, first of all, survey your premise to assess the level of risk, and determine the safe method of cleaning and disinfection. Thereafter they will use their experience and expertise as well as protective equipment like PPE to clean and disinfect every surface and touchpoints in your office manually.

SANITIZE HARD TO REACH AND LARGE AREAS: After cleaning and disinfecting the surfaces manually they will sanitize large areas and hard to reach locations to disinfect them from the exposure to the airborne pathogens. This sanitization is done by using a fogging machine to fog the sanitization solution on the already treated areas to prevent the re-entry of pathogens. It is necessary to fog the solution to treat the pathogens settled underneath the objects which are not accessible easily.

In this way, it is necessary to hire an OFFICE DISINFECTION SERVICE for the safety of the entire environment of the office as well as its employees from the infection of Coronavirus.

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